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Massive update  2013-05-21 17:47:37

Pouet pouet... La voici la grosse mise à jour...

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Tweet tweet  2010-11-17 22:49:33

J'ai testé et trouver ce service à mon gout...
140 signes c'est pratique, rapide, efficace.

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Point projet  2010-06-21 13:14:07

Désolé pour cette absence prolongée... Suggestion de présentation prend un nouveau départ.
En effet, bientôt disponible une nouvelle stratégie de mise en avant de mes services.

Sorry for this long time without notice... This website will be followed soon with new features...
Soon also, some more insight about skills...


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Behance  2009-11-05 12:12:16

You'll find me also on Behance network...
Just follow this link

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sIFR  2009-05-12 16:16:55

Finally I set up sIFR to get some interesting font render on titles...
It just looks great, isnt' it ? I'm happy I went through this because it's long time that I wished to be able to set that for commercial site also. Check the whole how-to here
Welcome to the modern age of type on internet...

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2009 version  2009-05-07 16:24:14

Hello world !!!
Let's celebrate 2009 with a sligh reskining of the website, enhancing typo work, readibilty, applying some new rules learnt and experimented during last monthes. In few words, I'm trying to make a better layout and upgrade the showing.
Last thing for this year will go english... due to professional reasons.
Thank you for your attention and enjoy.

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